Sunday, March 15, 2009

Suspensions Made Legal by Judicial Board

This week it was announced that IFC's Judicial Board has added a suspension clause to the IFC by-laws. This clause will give more power to IFC's Judicial Board as a general body, over the University's fraternity system as a whole.

The clause will specifically restrict offending houses from participating in rush, intramurals and hosting or participating in social events including, but not limited to: date parties, social mixers, Homecoming, U-Sing, and Scandals.

"I don't like how much control this gives IFC. The way I see it, this could be a door for IFC to become very political," Joe Gerba, electrical engineering junior, said.

Currently, the Judicial Board is still considering adding expulsion proceedings to further establish IFC regulation over individual houses. These measures are being enacted as a means of unifying the fraternal system as a body with IFC at the head, rather than just a random collection of parts.

Above: Owen Hartley, economics and supply chain management junior, explains his concern for the new changes in IFC's judicial control.

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