Sunday, March 15, 2009

IFC Scholarship Program Revised

During fraternity rush it is promoted that men in fraternities statistically fare better overall GPAs than those who choose not to rush. To ensure that houses are maintaing this status quo, IFC's Vice President of Membership Education, Yuwei Le, is revamping the current scholars program.

Currently there are two fraternity houses (Phi Kappa Psi and Phi Kappa Sigma) who are below a 2.5 house-average GPA. This facelift is to ensure that all 17 of OU's fraternity houses meet this 2.5 expectation.

"Guys who are active in their fraternities have a lot to do, but we do better because we are in a house. Most houses have study hours, and require minimum GPAs to stay members," Le said.

With more attention focused on student's grades this year, come fall rush IFC may truly be able to say that everyone of the fraternity houses on campus actively excel in the one area every student at OU is here for: school.

Above: IFC Vice President of Membership Education, Yuwei Le, describes a little of what his position will entail for the coming year.

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