Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guests sit, chat and enjoy chile cheese fries at the Alpha Phi sorority house. Thursday, February 26, during their second annual philanthropy, Fries with Phi.

Helping Hearts with Chile Fries

The Alpha Phi sorority celebrated their second annual philanthropy, Fries with Phi Thursday, February 26. The proceeds generated from this event benefitted the Alpha Phi Foundation in partnership with Cardiac Care.

What might seem like a counterintuitive idea - serving greasy french fries in support of cardiac care - has actually proved profitable for the Alpha Phi sorority.

"We were expecting a really big turn out, and we hired a DJ. We haven't totaled up our final profits yet, but I think we had somewhere around 500 people come out," Alpha Phi philanthropy Chair, Amy Keathley said.

Keathley chose not to be recorded, however here is one Fries with Phi guest's opinion:

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