Saturday, March 7, 2009

Changes to Summer Rush Worries Some

This past Wednesday a meeting was held in the Henderson-Tolson Building to determine the future of fraternity rush. This results of this meeting had the potential to change the way fraternity summer rush is done as a whole, and could greatly affect the numbers of guys that sign to each house.

At the top of the agenda for this meeting was to decide whether or not rushees should be allowed to sign bid cards with houses during the summer if they signed up on the IFC rosters prior to June 1.

"Many of the larger and smaller houses were for this decision. However some houses were afraid that early signing could hurt fall rush numbers," IFC Advisor, Kevin Estep said.

To put this change into effect IFC would require 12 out of the 17 fraternity house's rush chairmen to vote in favor of the decision, but in the end this proposition failed.

Additionally, in a meeting held the week prior, a proposition to move fraternity rush up to the first week of school in the fall, and another proposition to begin looking into rushee/house preferences passed, and was confirmed by IFC Congress.

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