Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The IFC Chief Justice has chosen his Associate Justices. Now it is their job to uphold the rules and regulations of IFC.

IFC chooses Associate Justices

Buzz Becker, Christopher Frantze, Ben Graves, Jonathan Nation, Scott Plaster, Eric Smith and Will Webb were recently chosen to be new Associate Justices for the Inter Fraternal Council's Judicial Board. These seven men will assist IFC Chief Justice, Kyle Watson, in all judicial cases regarding the welfare of OU's fraternity houses.

The list of men were chosen from 12 highly qualified applicants by the IFC Executive Board.

"I was thoroughly pleased with not just the number, but also the quality of applicants," Watson said, "This was a very difficult decision for myself and the Executive Board."

Now with their positions, these men will be required to discuss issues facing fraternities as well as interpret the constitution, rules and regulations for clarification to fraternities.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tom Hanks, member of the Inter Fraternal system, sits reading the Oklahoma Daily. Come one month from now he may be readingt the new IFC Newsletter.

IFC Newsletter hopes to change Greek perceptions

At this week's Inter Fraternal Council congress meeting, plans were released regarding intentions to create an IFC specific newsletter. The reason behind the creation of the newsletter is to promote the many highlights of the Fraternity system, and to usurp the all too numerous negative connotations of "Frats."

The newsletter will feature updates from individual fraternity houses, intramural standings, news from IFC executive members, and even promotions for events - including those for Panhellenic, National Panhellenic, and the Muticultural Greek Council.

"I think this newsletter has a lot of potential to really change the way people look at IFC, and maybe even all of Greek life overall," Kevin Estep, IFC Advisor said.

Currently, IFC is looking for volunteers from the various fraternity houses to help write stories, take pictures and put together this monthly publication.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

During the Inter Fraternal Council's official signing, rushees watch a brief video about the dangers of alcohol within the Greek system.

Spring Rush

Fraternities across University of Oklahoma's campus have just gone through spring formal rush. Out of an original 75 rushees, 40 men have now signed with IFC, and added themselves to OU's already 22 percent undergrad Greek Life (as stated in the 2009 Princeton Review).

Spring rush for most houses is often a time when they can sign those freshmen students who chose to wait a semester before signing with house, or for students found out that the house they originally signed with in the fall was just not the best fit for them.

The Inter Fraternal Council's (IFC) Vice President of Recruitment, Michael Nash ran this semester's rush, along with IFC Advisor, Kevin Estep and others on the IFC Executive Council.

"I think it went really well for the spring. I didn't expect a huge turn out, but I our numbers were good," Michael Nash said.

Now Nash and the rest of IFC can start looking toward summer and fall rush seasons, to more effectively sign men into the best house for them.