Sunday, February 15, 2009

The IFC Chief Justice has chosen his Associate Justices. Now it is their job to uphold the rules and regulations of IFC.

IFC chooses Associate Justices

Buzz Becker, Christopher Frantze, Ben Graves, Jonathan Nation, Scott Plaster, Eric Smith and Will Webb were recently chosen to be new Associate Justices for the Inter Fraternal Council's Judicial Board. These seven men will assist IFC Chief Justice, Kyle Watson, in all judicial cases regarding the welfare of OU's fraternity houses.

The list of men were chosen from 12 highly qualified applicants by the IFC Executive Board.

"I was thoroughly pleased with not just the number, but also the quality of applicants," Watson said, "This was a very difficult decision for myself and the Executive Board."

Now with their positions, these men will be required to discuss issues facing fraternities as well as interpret the constitution, rules and regulations for clarification to fraternities.

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